Thursday, October 22, 2009

Rosie's Tea Party

As I have mentioned so many times before Rosie roams the house, looking for action of any kind.
On this particular day the kids had the brilliant idea for a tea party. As you can see from the picture the kids managed to find pieces of this and that for a table cloth. I can see the T Rex has a skirt on, Brat the Cat sits in the middle and Long Neck finishes out the trio. I could hear the kids giggling and decided to investigate. As I stood there in amazement with a big smile, I could hear Rosie clickety clacking down the hallway. Rosie not wanting to be left out of anything entered the bedroom, eyed things over and climbed up on the table, using the long corner of the tablecloth. Rosie just stood there on the table as if thinking "now what."
I could not resist taking a picture!
And then there was a foursome for the tea party. :-)
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  1. We hope that there was eniough tea for you Roise!

    Izzy Whizz (from Facebook)

  2. I love this!

    -- FrauBudgie!

  3. PS:

    I was just thinking how Rosie would be a good girlfriend for our Hawk!

    Our Hawk doesn't have tea parties, he sits with the family at the table for holiday dinners ;)