Thursday, May 28, 2009

Visitng Rapping Eddie

Rosie went visiting over Memorial weekend. Rosie does have several bird friends however seems enjoy visiting Eddie the most.
When we travel with Rosie we always bring her floor stand containing a food and water dish. We will set the stand up by Eddie so both parrots can visit and share parrot stories. We can comfortably leave the room and can hear Rosie and Eddie whistling together and copying noises.
Eddie loves to show off for Rosie however she seems unimpressed. During their visits they always share a little head nuzzling together and a few glancing kisses.
Rosie is on the left.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Rosie just had a fun filled weekend camping up in Sutton, Alaska. Luckily the weather was gorgeous and Rosie was able to spend much time outside in the sun with us.
Rosie loves to travel in the truck looking out the windows, mostly out the back window. Apparently she likes to see where we have been.
If we are pulling the trailer Rosie is delighted to say “camping” over and over. Once we get home I can hear the word camping in my sleep!
Rosie has her own set up in the trailer complete with a mini hanging perch for night time. Rosie seems to particularly love mealtime enjoying all the special camping foods that are prepared.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Fishy Fish

Rosie considers the kitchen counter as her personal space! Because Rosie is so demanding and thinks she needs stuff, all in reach has been chewed, broke, ripped, mashed or broken. If we are on our game all is cleared and only items that are safe for Rosie to destroy remain.
However, our beta fish “fishy fish” is forever faithful sitting on the end of the counter in a protective tank. If Rosie has destroyed everything on the counter the fish is her next target. Rosie will climb on the top of the tank bending over and watch Fishy Fish inside the tank swimming round and round. Fishy Fish seems to enjoy this game now, swimming all around the top teasing Rosie. Often we catch the fish and Rosie looking at each other, like a show down
It is a fun show lasting as long as we allow. Lately Rosie will say….. Fish or I see you.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Piñata Bird Toys

Anyone that owns a bird of any size knows they all love to rip and tear up paper. There is a variety of bird toys out there that are designed with ripping and tearing in mind for our feathered friends.
I do find most of these toys to be fairly expensive only to be ripped up! However, the joy our birds show while doing the ripping seems to be worth the money spent. Even the mess is worth it!
I do most of bird shopping after holidays picking up holiday toys for over half off or more. Homemade toys are also lots of fun to make, saving money.
I found myself in a department store the day after a major holiday and came across a basket full of birthday Piñatas for 1 or 2 dollars. Rosie loves the larger tissue paper –toys! The larger Piñatas also seem to be far more durable unlike the bird piñatas and they last longer.
Give it a try your bird will love you even more for it.

Hispanic a decorated papier-mâché container of candy or small gifts that is hung from the ceiling and is hit and broken by blindfolded people with sticks, traditionally during Latin American festivals. It is often shaped like a donkey or a cartoon character.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Let the sunshine In!

Rosie just loves the sun! All of us that are owned by a parrot know vitamin D is so very important for our feathered companions.
Rosie loves sitting on the back deck catching the afternoon rays of Mr. Sun. Often I set a dish out so she can play in the water and supply her with plenty of ice cubes. Rosie loves chasing the ice cube around in the water dish and delights herself with throwing them off the table listening to them hit the deck. Rosie will play the ice cube game with the kids until they are all melted.
When it is not warm enough to be outside Rosie loves sitting in the afternoon sun coming in through the window. Although the sun shining in through the window does not provide the vitamins needed, Rosie loves the warmth.
Don’t forget the parrot sunscreen. Just kidding.