Friday, May 1, 2009

Let the sunshine In!

Rosie just loves the sun! All of us that are owned by a parrot know vitamin D is so very important for our feathered companions.
Rosie loves sitting on the back deck catching the afternoon rays of Mr. Sun. Often I set a dish out so she can play in the water and supply her with plenty of ice cubes. Rosie loves chasing the ice cube around in the water dish and delights herself with throwing them off the table listening to them hit the deck. Rosie will play the ice cube game with the kids until they are all melted.
When it is not warm enough to be outside Rosie loves sitting in the afternoon sun coming in through the window. Although the sun shining in through the window does not provide the vitamins needed, Rosie loves the warmth.
Don’t forget the parrot sunscreen. Just kidding.


  1. Just kidding about the sunscreen, was being silly.

  2. That would be a tricky application process, no doubt! She's a silly bird :) I play the ice cube game myself!

  3. I just want to see how you'd apply that sunscreen!

    It's almost warm enough for them to sit outside with me when I knit.