Thursday, April 23, 2009

Rosie the Kitchen Helper

If there is ANYTHING going on in the kitchen, Rosie must be involved! I must admit it is fun having her company and her expertise in choosing just the right ingredients. However, Rosie will make the biggest messes, tipping all over or throwing on the floor. In the long run it is all worth it, that’s for sure.
Now I just need to find a little cooks hat and matching apron for a goofy grey!
In this particular case Rosie and I were making apple pie, cheating using canned apple filling instead of fresh apples. Rosie delighted herself in licking the filling off the cans, tipping over the bowl and spilling extra cinnamon in the mixture. Rosie even put her beak impressions in around the crusts edge.
The pie turned out yummy!


  1. i didn't know she was a pastry chef! sounds exactly as messy as me when i'm in the kitchen.

  2. I'll have to try that sometimes. My Romeo ('tiel) likes to climb right into my food when he eats my dinner.

  3. ITS a competitor with ratatoo :)