Tuesday, April 14, 2009


My CAG is Anita. She will be 5yo July 1st. I have had her since she was 3 months old. She says everything, bosses around all the animals in my house by name, and loves to ride in the car. My favorite story about her is her musical ability (she is a legend in her own mind). CAG's cannot really carry a tune. In fact the breeder tried to talk me out of a CAG as she knew I loved to sing and thought I would be disapointed in a bird that could not sing. Despite all this Anita loves to make music. She makes finger snapping sounds on time to any song carrying a good beat and then whistles and dances and shouts "WooHoo" if she likes the song. "The Bird Song" by the doodlebops is her favorite. She can actually sing the Vonage woohoo song for minutes at a time. She can do the "woodstock" whistle from Charlie Brown. And the last year or so has started singing ooooohhhh with a strong vibrato to any ballad she hears. Now this may not be musical to some, but she loves music every bit as much as I do, and proudly will show anyone what a great singer she is."
By Joyce Campbell