Monday, April 13, 2009

Making Bird Toys

Rosie loves the homemade birdie toys I make. Most of the time, Rosie is in the office watching me as I make the toys. Rosie will open up her wings threatening flight, attempting to get down to where the action is.
The toys are easy to make and fun for the bird. I use toilet paper rolls or a paper towel roll cut in half. The paper towel rolls cut in half are great for larger birds. I stuff the roll with bird treats or toys. “Rosie loves the little cat toys”
Next, punch two holes at each end and tie with twine. “Keeping goodies inside” If I am feeling really creative, I will then wrap with tissue paper and tie at both ends. Rosie has fun ripping the paper off and making a big mess as usual.
I make these bird toys for Rosie often and share with other friends and their birds.
Happy Toy Making!


  1. that sounds like a birdy pinata!

  2. A bird that does the most amazing things ever. A must watch! on