Sunday, April 5, 2009

Rosie's Friends

Rosie and Twister

Tater Tot
Whenever we go out of town, Rosie stays with her friends Ozone, Tater Tot and Twister. We are so very fortunate to have such good neighbor “Norma” that is a fantastic babysitter and owns three beautiful birds.
Twister is a lovable African Grey that loves to talk. The first time I went over and knocked on the door, Twister greeted me by saying “you will be assimilated resistance is futile” After Rosie leaves it is followed by a week of Twister chanting “Where’s Rosie”
Tater Tot is a goofy blue and gold Mc Caw. He loves hanging up-side-down by one foot clinging on to anything. Tater adores Norma and will do just about anything to get her attention. He even allows Norma to carry him in her arms like a baby. Really silly!
Ozone is a blue and gold Mc Caw who loves music and being sung to. He will look at you with his big eyes pinpointing as you sing, all the while rocking back and forth on his swing. Ozone also loves the grand kids! It is charming to watch Ozone with the kids being so gentle and loving.
What a crew Rosie has for friends!


  1. Twister is a sci-fi fanatic, huh? Those birds sound like a lot of fun - a lot of work! but a lot of fun.

    ps-Ozone is a great bird name!

  2. i love your bird photo i love birds so much i am a first timer blogger we can exchange links to be my first blogger friend thank you very much and good luck to your new book thanks again if you add me in your blog list...

  3. Hey just dropping by love your red bottom pics and their friend i have send you a wrong message haha take care and take good care of red bottom

  4. Is the best parrot, he can talk