Thursday, July 23, 2009

Game On

Rosie loves playing games, some made up by her, some made up by us, some purchased to heighten her intellectual level. It really doesn't matter; it is a fun time for all of us to be together.
In these pictures, shows one of Rosie's favorite games. The game is a simple concept of putting the right shape in the box through the right size slot on top of the box. Playing this game with Rosie has taught her to say the words red, green, yellow and blue. However as of right now Rosie cannot tell the colors, only says the word.
Rosie tries so hard to put the shapes in the slots, she seems delighted when one goes in listening to them fall inside the box hitting the table.
When Rosie is tired of playing the game she gleefully throws each piece off the table laughing when they hit the floor. Once the table is cleared, game over!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Late Night Madness

Nightly Rosie sleeps on a hanging perch in the bedroom with us. On some occasions before falling asleep we will play with Rosie for awhile in bed. Rosie enjoys the hiding under the blanket game, hanging up-side down and running the length of the bed while laughing. Typically she stays on the night perch starts her beak grinding and sleeps through the night.
Last night Rosie clearly did not want to go to bed or sleep! Rosie was relentless, climbing down the perch peeping, screaming and jumping on the bed.
Typically when Rosie has bad behavior she is timed out in her cage. After trying everything, we decided to put her in the cage for the night. There was no peeping or screaming, instead beak grinding and sleep.
In the morning upon opening the cage door and saying good morning Rosie had attitude! Rosie acted like a little imp, biting, throwing anything she could get her beak on and acting superior.
Shortly after breakfast she seemed to calm down and started acting like the Rosie we all know and love!
Wonder what will happen tonight?

Bird of the Week

Rosie has made Bird of the week on My Domestic Birds!!
My Domestic Birds approached me with the idea of Rosie being their first Bird of the Week. After collaborating, sharing ideas and pictures Rosie is now the cutest Bird of the week EVER!
Please check it out!

Way to go Rosie

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Rosie Red Bottom "a true comedian with feathers"

Rosie Red Bottom “a true comedian with feathers

Rosie’s book Rosie Red Bottoma true comedian with feathers” is now available for ordering. The book was ready for ordering on July 1st the predicted date. All in all this has been a fantastic experience!
Thank You Lucky Press :-)
It’s all so magical and scary at the same time. Rosie continues to sit on the back of my office chair cheering me through this process.
Please share with other bird lovers you may know.

The book can be ordered through Amazon site below

Rosie' tag="luckypressllc-20&linkCode=" camp="1789&creative=" creativeasin="0977630080">Rosie'>">Rosie

Also through Lucky Press site below

If ordered through the Lucky Press site a trade discount is available for bookstores and libraries. This discount info is posted on the Lucky Press site.

If you are interested in an autographed book, you can order through me personally. US ONLY
contact me at I will e-mail cost and shipping details. ( we can go from there)

Happy ordering and reading. Rosie says, Thank You