Thursday, April 23, 2009

Rosie the Kitchen Helper

If there is ANYTHING going on in the kitchen, Rosie must be involved! I must admit it is fun having her company and her expertise in choosing just the right ingredients. However, Rosie will make the biggest messes, tipping all over or throwing on the floor. In the long run it is all worth it, that’s for sure.
Now I just need to find a little cooks hat and matching apron for a goofy grey!
In this particular case Rosie and I were making apple pie, cheating using canned apple filling instead of fresh apples. Rosie delighted herself in licking the filling off the cans, tipping over the bowl and spilling extra cinnamon in the mixture. Rosie even put her beak impressions in around the crusts edge.
The pie turned out yummy!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Sweet Beak

Rosie surly has a sweet beak! Rosie is well aware of the sounds in the kitchen and what particular sound means something sweet! Rosie likes all sweets! Syrup and honey on the morning pancakes, jelly on toast, cinnamon rolls, pudding, whip cream, pies, ice cream and sweetened cream cheese on bagels! Rosie is insistent on getting what she wants, waddling in the kitchen looking up at us as if she is starving. Rosie always ends up on the counter sharing whatever sweet treat is being devoured at the time. I am so very grateful the kids are willing to share there goodies with a goofy bird. In these pictures Haley is trying to enjoy some vanilla pudding with whip cream and sprinkles. Rosie has other ideas.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


I have enjoyed having small pet birds for many years now. After years of research and experience with smaller birds, I was ready to purchase a larger parrot. I bought a baby Senegal parrot from a breeder. I was hoping to form a lasting bond with this bird. However, he or she has decided that my husband is the center of his universe.A good friend of mine works for a bird hospital in my city. She was aware of my situation. She contacted me about a seven year old Timneh named "Gracie" that was a patient at the hospital. Gracie had been through a very traumatic experience. The owners had a small child that did not get along with the Gracie so it was kept outside on a patio most of the time. I don't believe she ever had time out of her cage. Somehow, a wild raccoon got her out of her cage and carried it across the yard until someone threw something and the raccoon released her. That resulted in many injuries and months of treatment and recovery at the bird hospital. Gracie became very frightened of towels and people from the constant handling from the staff who were treating her. Gracie was not expected to live. After that incident the owners felt like they could no longer care for the bird.When I heard the story, my heart went out to this bird. I was told that she would probably never be able to be tame or trust anyone again. My husband and I agreed that we could at least give her a safe home. Gracie was very angry and upset when she was put in a carrier to come home with us. She was silent for the first few days. We soon discovered that she did speak a few words. She called the dogs and mimicked some outdoor sounds. Each day we would open her cage door and let her come out on her own. She seemed to love that. I would sit on the couch (not too close) and speak softly to her. After just a week she began to take treats out of my hand. She soon began to trust my husband and I, enough to let us get close. This progressed into stepping up on a stick. Each week we would accomplish new things. Now, after 4 mos. of having her, she steps up on our hands and loves to get a head scratch. She has learned many phrases and words. She talks up a storm. I can't imagine life without her now. I've learned to have patience and to never give up.
By Lisa Johnson

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


My CAG is Anita. She will be 5yo July 1st. I have had her since she was 3 months old. She says everything, bosses around all the animals in my house by name, and loves to ride in the car. My favorite story about her is her musical ability (she is a legend in her own mind). CAG's cannot really carry a tune. In fact the breeder tried to talk me out of a CAG as she knew I loved to sing and thought I would be disapointed in a bird that could not sing. Despite all this Anita loves to make music. She makes finger snapping sounds on time to any song carrying a good beat and then whistles and dances and shouts "WooHoo" if she likes the song. "The Bird Song" by the doodlebops is her favorite. She can actually sing the Vonage woohoo song for minutes at a time. She can do the "woodstock" whistle from Charlie Brown. And the last year or so has started singing ooooohhhh with a strong vibrato to any ballad she hears. Now this may not be musical to some, but she loves music every bit as much as I do, and proudly will show anyone what a great singer she is."
By Joyce Campbell

Monday, April 13, 2009

Making Bird Toys

Rosie loves the homemade birdie toys I make. Most of the time, Rosie is in the office watching me as I make the toys. Rosie will open up her wings threatening flight, attempting to get down to where the action is.
The toys are easy to make and fun for the bird. I use toilet paper rolls or a paper towel roll cut in half. The paper towel rolls cut in half are great for larger birds. I stuff the roll with bird treats or toys. “Rosie loves the little cat toys”
Next, punch two holes at each end and tie with twine. “Keeping goodies inside” If I am feeling really creative, I will then wrap with tissue paper and tie at both ends. Rosie has fun ripping the paper off and making a big mess as usual.
I make these bird toys for Rosie often and share with other friends and their birds.
Happy Toy Making!

Friday, April 10, 2009

It's Easter Time

Hippity Hoppity Easter On It's Way

Rosie Red Bottom would like to say Happy Easter to all her fans.

On Easter Rosie will enjoy her suprise Easter basket full of bird goodies, egg hunt with the kids, followed by a big ham dinner with all the trimmings Rosie loves!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009



I am posting my new web page with Lucky Press. Containing more information on my book, publisher, author, content, ordering info and release date.

Monday, April 6, 2009

What it is all about

Rosie enjoying some sun African Grey Parrot is a new blog. First and foremost this blog was started to advertise publication of my new book, Rosie Red Bottom.
My hopes for this blog is, for others to send me short stories and a picture on their parrots so I can post. I would also like to post answers to questions that are asked on the blog. In turn helping other parrot owners.
As the publication process continues on my book, information will be posted.
So send in those questions, short stories and a picture.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Rosie's Friends

Rosie and Twister

Tater Tot
Whenever we go out of town, Rosie stays with her friends Ozone, Tater Tot and Twister. We are so very fortunate to have such good neighbor “Norma” that is a fantastic babysitter and owns three beautiful birds.
Twister is a lovable African Grey that loves to talk. The first time I went over and knocked on the door, Twister greeted me by saying “you will be assimilated resistance is futile” After Rosie leaves it is followed by a week of Twister chanting “Where’s Rosie”
Tater Tot is a goofy blue and gold Mc Caw. He loves hanging up-side-down by one foot clinging on to anything. Tater adores Norma and will do just about anything to get her attention. He even allows Norma to carry him in her arms like a baby. Really silly!
Ozone is a blue and gold Mc Caw who loves music and being sung to. He will look at you with his big eyes pinpointing as you sing, all the while rocking back and forth on his swing. Ozone also loves the grand kids! It is charming to watch Ozone with the kids being so gentle and loving.
What a crew Rosie has for friends!