Saturday, April 18, 2009

Sweet Beak

Rosie surly has a sweet beak! Rosie is well aware of the sounds in the kitchen and what particular sound means something sweet! Rosie likes all sweets! Syrup and honey on the morning pancakes, jelly on toast, cinnamon rolls, pudding, whip cream, pies, ice cream and sweetened cream cheese on bagels! Rosie is insistent on getting what she wants, waddling in the kitchen looking up at us as if she is starving. Rosie always ends up on the counter sharing whatever sweet treat is being devoured at the time. I am so very grateful the kids are willing to share there goodies with a goofy bird. In these pictures Haley is trying to enjoy some vanilla pudding with whip cream and sprinkles. Rosie has other ideas.


  1. GREAT photos! she's a sweet tooth like her daddy, huh?