Saturday, March 28, 2009

Phone Call

Rosie just loves kids, listening to them laugh, watching them play and mimicking their sounds. Often Rosey will trek down the hallway to the kid’s bedroom just to enjoy their company, play and games.
Last night the kids called to say hello and check in. I just happen to be standing by Rosie’s cage and she could hear their voices on the phone. Rosie immediately showed excitement and clearly wanted the phone. I held the phone up to her and she listened with glee pinpointing with her eyes as the kids were saying, “hi Rosie” Once the phone call ended, Rosie continued to mimic the phone ringing and saying “hi Rosie
What a Goofy Bird

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Mt. Redoubt

Right now Alaska is making the news over the erupting volcano Mt. Redoubt. Although the winds are blowing what little ash there is in other directions, Rosie is not experiencing any side effects from the volcano.
However, Rosie is equipped with a filter mask in her size, just in case there is any volcano trouble!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Rapping Eddie

Rosie Ignoring Eddie
Rosie went for a visit with us over the weekend, perching herself on the headrest of the truck, talking all the way to our friends house in Eagle River. It was cold outside, so I carefully put Rosie in my coat until we got inside the warm house.
Our friends have a male grey parrot named, Eddie. Eddie is three months older than Rosie, very entertaining and a beautiful dark gray color. When he miss behaves he is addressed as, Edward.
Eddie spent most of the afternoon showing off for Rosie, hanging up-side-down, talking, rapping and trying to be noticed. Rosie, unimpressed pretty much ate all day, not even glancing in Eddies direction.
Did I say rapping? Yes! Eddie opens up his wings, bobs his head, stomps his feet and makes rapping noises. Funny stuff!
Eddie is a plucker unfortunately. Eddie's owners have tried many suggested solutions.... cage placement, diet, baths, medications and hundreds of dollars at the avian vets office. Eddie was diagnosed with a liver dysfunction and put on medication for that. Recently Eddie's owners decided to put up a avian UV light. It has been three weeks and Eddie's feathers are growing back in and there is a noticeable difference in his behavior. Let's just hope this fantastic change continues!
Hey Ed, wouldn't it be something if you are a plucker because you are vitamin D deficient? Keep rapping Ed!

Friday, March 20, 2009


A charming, nontraditional approach to raising an African Grey parrot.
Written in plain, straightforward language for all readers, Rosie Red Bottom, African Grey Parrot takes the true-life--and sometimes humorous--experiences of the author and helps to simplify the problems and worries of raising parrots.
Rosie Red Bottom, African Grey Parrot has the perfect recipe for parrot care: One part preparation, one part common sense, and stir in lots of love. Whether you are thinking about bringing a bird into your home, or already live with one of these beautiful creatures, this book is a down-to-earth, realistic approach for care of an African grey.
All birds are different, just like human babies. But most books on the subject of caring for an African grey tend to be complicated, stringent, scary, scientific, threatening, and very clinical. Some refer the owner to seek veterinary assistance for every little problem. The author brings together useful information on different techniques for raising an African grey parrot.
Taking a different approach on the subject, Rosie Red Bottom, African Grey Parrot encourages bird owners to think creatively and understand that, as with human nature, there is no classic textbook situation described in traditional reference books that is certain to solve the problems of an individual bird.
Rosie Red Bottom, African Grey Parrot encourages parrot owners to understand the many stimuli and variables that exist with parrot problems and to use common sense and the process of elimination to resolve the issues that they may have with their bird.

Donna Mann

Please come back and visit in June for further information on ordering this fun book! Please feel free to comment or ask questions on blog.