Sunday, August 30, 2009

Dishes Anyone?

Rosie loves to be included in everything! My husband and I are always thinking of new ways to include Rosie so all is challenging for her.
Doing dishes in our house is always fun for Rosie and us! Not only do we include her, we make it a learning game teaching Rosie new words.
If we have forgotten to include her, it isn't long before we hear her clicking on the kitchen floor waddling up to us and saying "step up"
Rosie enjoys sitting on the dish-strainer or on the pulled out rack in the dish-washer.
My husband washes and I dry. Each item I dry, I say the name of the item to Rosie such as, pan, glass, ladle, spatula, fork, knife, plate, etc. As I put items away Rosie will walk along the counter and say "here"
We continue the same routine if we are loading the dishwasher. Rosie will hang upside-down on the pulled out rack laughing and saying the words she has learned.
Rosie seems to enjoy the interaction with us the most and she surly makes the task of doing dishes allot more fun.
When Rosie starts rambling, she runs all the words together and starts us all laughing. Rosie sounds like a futuristic kitchen appliance commercial.
Goofy Grey Bird!
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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Book Review for "Rosie Red Bottom"

5.0 out 0f 5 stars Especially recommended to the attention of anyone contemplating having a pet parrot of their own! August 8, 2009

By Midwest Book Review (Oregon, WI USA)
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Parrots make fascinating pets in general, and African Grays are particularly beautiful, intelligent, and engaging parrots in particular. In "Rosie Red Bottom: A Comedian With Feathers, Alaskan author and parrot owner Donna Mann tells the story of how one very special parrot became an active and integral member of the Mann family. But "Rosie Red Bottom" is so much more than just an utterly charming and personal story of a family and their parrot companion, it's also 81-pages packed with solid and usable information relevant to the challenges and concerns of raising parrots. Readers will learn of the environmental stimuli and variables that affect parrots, along with the routines, physical set-up, diet, and training techniques appropriate and essential for healthy parrots. Of special note is an appendices with 150 references and web sites for further research and study on parrots and parrot care, including import/export regulations. Entertaining, informed and informative, "Rosie Red Bottom" is especially recommended to the attention of anyone contemplating having a pet parrot of their own!

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Friday, August 7, 2009

Outside Deck Fun

As I have said before Rosie loves being outside with family in the afternoons. The sun shines on the back deck and she surly enjoys the warmth. Typically Rosie likes sitting up in the rungs of the deck umbrella, where she is up high and can see all. "feeling safe as well, I am sure"
However, she is not in the sun or getting the natural vitamin D she needs. If I leave the umbrella down so she can run on the deck table, she keeps starring upward looking for the umbrella and screaming her dislikes.
On this particular day I did not give in, instead leaving the umbrella down and perched Rosie on the back of a deck chair. Rosie clearly not happy at first, ended up inventing a new game and we both had a ball.
I had popped popcorn for the kids earlier in the day and the empty dish was left on the deck table. This dish ended up being of great interest for Rosie filled with un-popped seeds. As Rosie was perched on the back of the deck chair, I tossed an un-popped seed in the seat of the chair just to see what she would do. As the seed rolled around in the chair Rosie scurried down inspecting the seed then tossed down on the deck. Rosie began laughing and indeed wanted more fun. We played this game together until the seeds ran out. Rosie insisted on inspecting the dish repeating the word "seed" and laughing like crazy, ending with throwing the plastic dish down as well. Goofy Bird!
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