Thursday, August 20, 2009

Book Review for "Rosie Red Bottom"

5.0 out 0f 5 stars Especially recommended to the attention of anyone contemplating having a pet parrot of their own! August 8, 2009

By Midwest Book Review (Oregon, WI USA)
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Parrots make fascinating pets in general, and African Grays are particularly beautiful, intelligent, and engaging parrots in particular. In "Rosie Red Bottom: A Comedian With Feathers, Alaskan author and parrot owner Donna Mann tells the story of how one very special parrot became an active and integral member of the Mann family. But "Rosie Red Bottom" is so much more than just an utterly charming and personal story of a family and their parrot companion, it's also 81-pages packed with solid and usable information relevant to the challenges and concerns of raising parrots. Readers will learn of the environmental stimuli and variables that affect parrots, along with the routines, physical set-up, diet, and training techniques appropriate and essential for healthy parrots. Of special note is an appendices with 150 references and web sites for further research and study on parrots and parrot care, including import/export regulations. Entertaining, informed and informative, "Rosie Red Bottom" is especially recommended to the attention of anyone contemplating having a pet parrot of their own!

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  1. We recently adopted a 17 year old CAG named Zeke, I can't wait till I can get a copy of the book :) I'm sure it will help tons with our Zekey boy!

  2. Hi its me Lawrence "breeding parakeets". Just dropping by... Hows your book going on? I hope many copies are being sold out! Hows Rosie? Is she ok? I hope so! I hope my son will be a good writter some day. He loves to write things about mother earth and animals. We decided to make his blog site he wrote articles about pigeons and I encouraging him to write and write till he become one of the popular writter in the world. i hope you can visit his blog site and add his site to your blog list im sure he will be happy for that and give him advise to be a good writter. Thank you very much donna! I will treasure this kindness of yours till the last breath of my life. Again a million thanks!!! Dont tell him that I ask you a favor. im beggining to imagine how happy he is when you visit his site... God Bless you and your family most your Book and Cute little Rosie... This is his blog site