Sunday, August 30, 2009

Dishes Anyone?

Rosie loves to be included in everything! My husband and I are always thinking of new ways to include Rosie so all is challenging for her.
Doing dishes in our house is always fun for Rosie and us! Not only do we include her, we make it a learning game teaching Rosie new words.
If we have forgotten to include her, it isn't long before we hear her clicking on the kitchen floor waddling up to us and saying "step up"
Rosie enjoys sitting on the dish-strainer or on the pulled out rack in the dish-washer.
My husband washes and I dry. Each item I dry, I say the name of the item to Rosie such as, pan, glass, ladle, spatula, fork, knife, plate, etc. As I put items away Rosie will walk along the counter and say "here"
We continue the same routine if we are loading the dishwasher. Rosie will hang upside-down on the pulled out rack laughing and saying the words she has learned.
Rosie seems to enjoy the interaction with us the most and she surly makes the task of doing dishes allot more fun.
When Rosie starts rambling, she runs all the words together and starts us all laughing. Rosie sounds like a futuristic kitchen appliance commercial.
Goofy Grey Bird!
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  1. Maybe THAT'S what I need to make the dishes more fun!