Saturday, June 27, 2009

Goofy Bird

Rosie is a goof ball, what else can I say! Rosie loves playing on her tree stand and picking on Sponge Bob for some reason? She seems to take great delight in hanging up-side-down and talking at the same time. She has this look in her eye as if saying “I am a superior parrot and I know it” Then she loses grip an falls! It's a short fall and we have the area cushioned.
Nine times out of ten she lands on her feet just like a cat! Luckily she falls very seldom. Now, the new trick is, hanging from one foot. This has got trouble written all over it, I can see it already. Hang on Sponge Bob!
Goofy Bird!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Camping with a parrot

Camping was introduced to Rosie at age four months. Rosie has a camping cage and a mini hanging sleeping perch. During the day she climbs in and out of the cage that has a perch on top. I also made a perch ring made out of a coat hanger filled with cloth tied in knots. Rosie loves sitting in the ring during the day picking at the cloth. At night the ring is replaced with the hanging perch.
Traveling, Rosie loves to sit on M’s shoulder talking away. On long rides I feed her snacks and she drinks water from a bottled water cap. It is a long time routine Rosie seems very comfortable with. Most of the time Rosie sharing M’s space with the two dogs that must look out the window smearing nose prints so thick it is hard to see. I have a lap and window as well however all pets seem to prefer M’s side. I assure you the window is closed and Rosie is safe in the cab of the truck.
If we need to make a short stop Rosie stays in the locked truck happily sitting on the head rest and the dogs go in the camper.
On this particular trip Rosie encountered a potential threat. We had stopped for breakfast in Anchor Point, Alaska and picked a table by the window so we could see Rosie in the truck. I peaked out and noticed Rosie was not on the head rest as usual? I went out to investigate and could hear Rosie screaming on the floor of the truck. As I looked to my right there was a bald eagle sitting in a tree right in front of the truck, front window height about twenty yards away. Although Rosie was perfectly safe she surly seemed to know the eagle was a threat. I wonder what the eagle was thinking?

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Book Cover

The book cover just came out today, it is all so exciting!!!! Just look at Rosie on the cover! She is a true star!

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

Rosie typically follow’s us around the house helping with all chores, getting dressed or whatever is going on that she finds interesting.
This morning she was more than usual “insisting” on being involved with anything!!!! I was attempting to clean the bathroom, clean being the operative word. I put Rosie on the counter for her assistance with the cleaning.
Rosie quickly started playing with all on the counter, chewing, breaking or throwing on the floor seemed to bring her great glee! I could tell because of her laughing.
Rosie soon noticed a roll of paper towels on the counter; she started repeating the word paper, paper, paper!!!!!!!!! I sat her on top of the paper towel roll and she discovered her reflection!
All cleaning stopped and I grabbed the camera. Rosie played in front of the mirror for about thirty minutes. I might add, calling herself a “ pretty bird.”

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Got Juice

Rosie loves the kids! I mean just loves them! She can be relentless trying to get their attention, following them around the house or sharing a meal.
Rosie can mimic all the children’s separate laughs and certain words they say.
On this particular sunny day the kids were having a picnic on the back deck. Rosie indeed wanted to be part of this summer happening. Rosie crawled down from her tree waddled to the back door and announced she wanted “OUT!” (we are working on out please)
Rosie joined the kids for lunch sampling everything. However, she really went for the foil juice container! Rosie took complete delight in pulling out the straw then poking holes in the container and sipping the juice. All the while laughing and showing off!
What a picnic indeed!