Saturday, June 27, 2009

Goofy Bird

Rosie is a goof ball, what else can I say! Rosie loves playing on her tree stand and picking on Sponge Bob for some reason? She seems to take great delight in hanging up-side-down and talking at the same time. She has this look in her eye as if saying “I am a superior parrot and I know it” Then she loses grip an falls! It's a short fall and we have the area cushioned.
Nine times out of ten she lands on her feet just like a cat! Luckily she falls very seldom. Now, the new trick is, hanging from one foot. This has got trouble written all over it, I can see it already. Hang on Sponge Bob!
Goofy Bird!


  1. Lol, she is a very silly bird.

  2. I can't wait to get my talons on the new book about her on Wednesday!

  3. My Lovie does the same. I think they just find it fun that the humans don't hang upside down and they can. Or we may just be missing something.