Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Got Juice

Rosie loves the kids! I mean just loves them! She can be relentless trying to get their attention, following them around the house or sharing a meal.
Rosie can mimic all the children’s separate laughs and certain words they say.
On this particular sunny day the kids were having a picnic on the back deck. Rosie indeed wanted to be part of this summer happening. Rosie crawled down from her tree waddled to the back door and announced she wanted “OUT!” (we are working on out please)
Rosie joined the kids for lunch sampling everything. However, she really went for the foil juice container! Rosie took complete delight in pulling out the straw then poking holes in the container and sipping the juice. All the while laughing and showing off!
What a picnic indeed!


  1. So cute, Louie bangs her cage door to be let out and Romeo has to try everything I eat. Dinner time can be an adventure.

  2. I am constantly amazed by how amazingly smart that bird is.