Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

Rosie typically follow’s us around the house helping with all chores, getting dressed or whatever is going on that she finds interesting.
This morning she was more than usual “insisting” on being involved with anything!!!! I was attempting to clean the bathroom, clean being the operative word. I put Rosie on the counter for her assistance with the cleaning.
Rosie quickly started playing with all on the counter, chewing, breaking or throwing on the floor seemed to bring her great glee! I could tell because of her laughing.
Rosie soon noticed a roll of paper towels on the counter; she started repeating the word paper, paper, paper!!!!!!!!! I sat her on top of the paper towel roll and she discovered her reflection!
All cleaning stopped and I grabbed the camera. Rosie played in front of the mirror for about thirty minutes. I might add, calling herself a “ pretty bird.”


  1. She knows a good thing when she sees it.

  2. What a great set of photos! I heard that thoose Grey Parrots can be a bit, err, possesive!?