Friday, May 28, 2010

Ice cream for two

Camping trip a big success

First camping trip of the year was a total success! I am not really sure how that happen? I do have suspicions. Rosie tolerates Percy however I think she enjoyed the company.
We started the trip with Percy in a camping cage in the truck, this did not work out for very long. He started screaming so we opened the door to the cage. Percy happily climbed out and perched himself on the head rest singing his way to Anchor Point. Both birds camped in the trailer just as happy, singing and no signs of stress.
The pictures show both birds riding on the headrests of the truck and the camping setup in the trailer.
Two adults, two dogs and two birds in a twenty one foot trailer. It can be done and can be fun!
The drive was beautiful sky full of bald eagles flying along the coast line. Plenty for our birds to watch.

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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Camping Time

We are headed for Anchor Point Alaska where good friends are and plenty of bald eagles. We are taking both dogs and both birds in a twenty one foot trailer.
Although Rosie has been camping many times, typically the first camp trip of the year is not so smooth for her. Perhaps Percy will help her along this time, or not.
Will write up a full report with pictures after arrivng home. Happy Trails

Monday, May 3, 2010

Rosie and Percy

Well much has happened in the last week with Percy and Rosie. First week was pretty brutal watching Rosie eye over Percy doing everything and anything possible to ignore him. Acting as if Percy was a disease she wanted nothing to do with. Percy, on the other hand was curious about everything. Rosie is now showing curiosity towards Percy keeping a sharp eye and sharing things. However, keeping a safe distance. The singing and noise has started back up and is welcomed.

We have found Percy to be very loving, sings, curious and gets right up to our faces for any talking. (a bit of a close talker I would say).

As you can see from the picture the cages are about three feet apart. I have put up a ladder between cages so both birds can go back and forth, visiting. We call the cross-way Percy’s "Highway to Heaven" he is visiting Rosie constantly. When Percy decides to go back to his cage, Rosie will pull the ladder off on her end and just laugh and laugh! Just once that I know of Rosie crossed the Highway to Heaven visiting Percy and I found Percy clinging to the kitchen curtains, screaming.
Not only is Percy a wonderful addition to our family, it has proven to be a fascinating experiment for observing both birds. Much better than TV any day.
We have a camping trip planned in a few weeks , all of us going in a 21 foot trailer. Sounds like fun to me.

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