Friday, May 28, 2010

Camping trip a big success

First camping trip of the year was a total success! I am not really sure how that happen? I do have suspicions. Rosie tolerates Percy however I think she enjoyed the company.
We started the trip with Percy in a camping cage in the truck, this did not work out for very long. He started screaming so we opened the door to the cage. Percy happily climbed out and perched himself on the head rest singing his way to Anchor Point. Both birds camped in the trailer just as happy, singing and no signs of stress.
The pictures show both birds riding on the headrests of the truck and the camping setup in the trailer.
Two adults, two dogs and two birds in a twenty one foot trailer. It can be done and can be fun!
The drive was beautiful sky full of bald eagles flying along the coast line. Plenty for our birds to watch.

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