Thursday, July 2, 2009

Rosie Red Bottom "a true comedian with feathers"

Rosie Red Bottom “a true comedian with feathers

Rosie’s book Rosie Red Bottoma true comedian with feathers” is now available for ordering. The book was ready for ordering on July 1st the predicted date. All in all this has been a fantastic experience!
Thank You Lucky Press :-)
It’s all so magical and scary at the same time. Rosie continues to sit on the back of my office chair cheering me through this process.
Please share with other bird lovers you may know.

The book can be ordered through Amazon site below

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Also through Lucky Press site below

If ordered through the Lucky Press site a trade discount is available for bookstores and libraries. This discount info is posted on the Lucky Press site.

If you are interested in an autographed book, you can order through me personally. US ONLY
contact me at I will e-mail cost and shipping details. ( we can go from there)

Happy ordering and reading. Rosie says, Thank You


  1. I can't wait to get my signed copies!

  2. Chapters in Canada can't find your book. I am not happy.

  3. Shelley, please contact me with what trouble you are having with the book.

  4. Good Luck to your book! god bless you!!!
    can i ask you a favor can you add me in your blog list thank you very much i really appreciate if you add me! i will also add you!!!