Monday, July 13, 2009

Late Night Madness

Nightly Rosie sleeps on a hanging perch in the bedroom with us. On some occasions before falling asleep we will play with Rosie for awhile in bed. Rosie enjoys the hiding under the blanket game, hanging up-side down and running the length of the bed while laughing. Typically she stays on the night perch starts her beak grinding and sleeps through the night.
Last night Rosie clearly did not want to go to bed or sleep! Rosie was relentless, climbing down the perch peeping, screaming and jumping on the bed.
Typically when Rosie has bad behavior she is timed out in her cage. After trying everything, we decided to put her in the cage for the night. There was no peeping or screaming, instead beak grinding and sleep.
In the morning upon opening the cage door and saying good morning Rosie had attitude! Rosie acted like a little imp, biting, throwing anything she could get her beak on and acting superior.
Shortly after breakfast she seemed to calm down and started acting like the Rosie we all know and love!
Wonder what will happen tonight?


  1. Naughty Rosie! She must have been unhappy about the dark photos in her book! Hope tonight is better

  2. Can't wait to read your book. I have a grey named "sara" and a dog named "Rosie." I'm looking to take them camping soon in Central Oregon!