Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Roaming the House

Rosie pretty much owns the house, directing us and the dogs on a daily basis. Luckily, Rosie and the dogs get along very well!!!! If I had to venture a guess, the dogs are afraid of Rosie.

Our grey one loves roaming the house, walking down the hallways looking for action. Typically, Rosie will roam looking for the kids or us if we are in the back of the house. We can hear her peeping and clicking on the floor and she gets closer.

Her newest pay ground seems to be the dogs water and food dishes. Rosie slides down her pole from cage to floor aiming right for the dishes. As Rosie is laughing she will yank the dishes out of the holders banging and rolling the dishes on the floor. Once she has completed the empty food dish mess, she will take a bath in the water dish. Once she has emptied one dish she heads for the second, water all over the floor and cupboards. Keeping in mind Rosie is laughing, burping and sneezing the entire time.

Rosie also enjoys walking along the bottom of the kitchen cupboards ducking down and running along this space. Around our house you always need to look before stepping! Goofy Grey Bird!
If you are interested in ordering Rosies book, click on link below.


  1. Hi there! just dropping by... regards to little rosie...

  2. Hey, that's how I take a shower, too!

  3. Our dog and love bird are best of friends.

  4. Donna, I love your photos of Rosie. My sister's bird, Koby, is this same way -- taking over the house. Particularly the kitchen--what is it about kitchens. My bird, Gracie, doesn't explore the house, but when I bake cookies, sometimes, I put her playstand in the kitchen so she can watch. She loves the skylight and spends a lot of time looking "up." There's a skylight in her shower as well (60s house formerly owned by skylight enthusiast).

  5. Rosie is so cute !
    I love birds, they're smart and funny...

    Nokomis Aime