Sunday, September 20, 2009

Silly Rosie

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Rosie just loves playing games just as much as we like watching and interacting. Most of the game playing is made up by her, her rules, her way! If we try to elaborate the game she at times will get mad and show her distaste. So, we go with the flow and follow her lead.
One of Rosie's favorite game is playing in the dog food container. Rosie is always delighted to see the plastic bin sitting on the counter and will make her way to the area. Rosie loves throwing dog food, laughing and running around the edge of the container. There is a little tin cup in the bin used for measuring. Rosie love throwing the cup on the floor and yelling "yea" when it hits the floor. Rosie will say "come over here"wanting us to pick up the cup bury it in the dog food so she can dig it out. Rosie will climb in the bin scratching at the food like a chicken until the cup is unburied. Once again throwing the cup on the floor! Rosie certainly enjoys herself and the dogs like cleaning up the mess. Silly Rosie
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  1. I wish I was as easily entertained - I'd have a swimming pool in back in no time flat!

  2. This is so cute!!!