Monday, September 28, 2009

Iguazu the Conure

The following story and picture of Iguazu the conure was sent to me by a Facebook friend. I thought the picture and story was cute enough for a post on Rosie's blog.

Iguazu the Conure
Iguazu on occasion eats with us, plucking food from our plates and drinking from our glasses. One day after lunch, we opened the dishwasher preparing to load the dirty dishes, Iguazu had other ideas. As always Iguazu wants to be part of everything, he flew in the dishwasher and remained then until we were done loading. All the while seemingly wondering what we were doing.
I started to close the dishwasher wondering how Iguazu would react., he would not move! Finally I had to ask him to come to my shoulder because he would not leave on his own. He definitely loved the dishwasher!
By Matnilde/France

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