Friday, March 20, 2009


A charming, nontraditional approach to raising an African Grey parrot.
Written in plain, straightforward language for all readers, Rosie Red Bottom, African Grey Parrot takes the true-life--and sometimes humorous--experiences of the author and helps to simplify the problems and worries of raising parrots.
Rosie Red Bottom, African Grey Parrot has the perfect recipe for parrot care: One part preparation, one part common sense, and stir in lots of love. Whether you are thinking about bringing a bird into your home, or already live with one of these beautiful creatures, this book is a down-to-earth, realistic approach for care of an African grey.
All birds are different, just like human babies. But most books on the subject of caring for an African grey tend to be complicated, stringent, scary, scientific, threatening, and very clinical. Some refer the owner to seek veterinary assistance for every little problem. The author brings together useful information on different techniques for raising an African grey parrot.
Taking a different approach on the subject, Rosie Red Bottom, African Grey Parrot encourages bird owners to think creatively and understand that, as with human nature, there is no classic textbook situation described in traditional reference books that is certain to solve the problems of an individual bird.
Rosie Red Bottom, African Grey Parrot encourages parrot owners to understand the many stimuli and variables that exist with parrot problems and to use common sense and the process of elimination to resolve the issues that they may have with their bird.

Donna Mann

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  1. i can't wait to read the book! maybe i can even get my cioy signed if i ask really nice :)

  2. We are eager to read your new book about raising parrots, from Rosie's point of view. Congratulations on being published! We are proud but not surprised. Maybe now some of your former books will also be considered for publication...

  3. I cant begin to express how proud i am of you Donna. You are a very special person and you have such a way with animals. Congrads to you and Rosie on the book. Maybe i could get a signed copy as well *wink* love almeta