Sunday, March 22, 2009

Rapping Eddie

Rosie Ignoring Eddie
Rosie went for a visit with us over the weekend, perching herself on the headrest of the truck, talking all the way to our friends house in Eagle River. It was cold outside, so I carefully put Rosie in my coat until we got inside the warm house.
Our friends have a male grey parrot named, Eddie. Eddie is three months older than Rosie, very entertaining and a beautiful dark gray color. When he miss behaves he is addressed as, Edward.
Eddie spent most of the afternoon showing off for Rosie, hanging up-side-down, talking, rapping and trying to be noticed. Rosie, unimpressed pretty much ate all day, not even glancing in Eddies direction.
Did I say rapping? Yes! Eddie opens up his wings, bobs his head, stomps his feet and makes rapping noises. Funny stuff!
Eddie is a plucker unfortunately. Eddie's owners have tried many suggested solutions.... cage placement, diet, baths, medications and hundreds of dollars at the avian vets office. Eddie was diagnosed with a liver dysfunction and put on medication for that. Recently Eddie's owners decided to put up a avian UV light. It has been three weeks and Eddie's feathers are growing back in and there is a noticeable difference in his behavior. Let's just hope this fantastic change continues!
Hey Ed, wouldn't it be something if you are a plucker because you are vitamin D deficient? Keep rapping Ed!


  1. Yes as Eddie's owner he did put on a show for Rosie. And he truely does rap thanks to a grandson, but it is very cute. Iasked Eddie where is Rosie the next day and he started rapping. Guess he thought it might bring her back over. :o))))

  2. this whole story cracks me up - i love that eddie's mom and dad call him by his full name when he is naughty! go rosie for playing hard to get! he'll only want her more :) too funny!