Monday, April 6, 2009

What it is all about

Rosie enjoying some sun African Grey Parrot is a new blog. First and foremost this blog was started to advertise publication of my new book, Rosie Red Bottom.
My hopes for this blog is, for others to send me short stories and a picture on their parrots so I can post. I would also like to post answers to questions that are asked on the blog. In turn helping other parrot owners.
As the publication process continues on my book, information will be posted.
So send in those questions, short stories and a picture.


  1. Hi friend, peace...
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  2. Hey Donna!

    Love the blog, very interesting, great layout!


  3. i have a question: how do you keep rosie from flying away when she's outdoors?

  4. Rosie's wings are clipped once monthly. She is unable to fly. Also, she is closely watched when outside.

  5. Wonderful, I have a female and perhaps a male in a few days

  6. I can write short-stories and also poetry but I sadly lack a parrot?!!

  7. Hello Donna. Love your new blog. Greys Rule.
    Just one thing. I think wing clipping is a Bad Thing. Parrots are birds and are totally evolved to be flying beings My Misty is unclipped and is an expert flyer.
    How do I post pics to your Blog?

    Peace Steve

  8. Thank you for your in-put on the wing clipping. However, we will continue to clip Rosie's wings. We are outside allot and travel, this keeps her safe and she knows no better.
    Hmmm send your picture and short story to, and I will post. Thanks looking foward to hearing from you.