Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Fishy Fish

Rosie considers the kitchen counter as her personal space! Because Rosie is so demanding and thinks she needs stuff, all in reach has been chewed, broke, ripped, mashed or broken. If we are on our game all is cleared and only items that are safe for Rosie to destroy remain.
However, our beta fish “fishy fish” is forever faithful sitting on the end of the counter in a protective tank. If Rosie has destroyed everything on the counter the fish is her next target. Rosie will climb on the top of the tank bending over and watch Fishy Fish inside the tank swimming round and round. Fishy Fish seems to enjoy this game now, swimming all around the top teasing Rosie. Often we catch the fish and Rosie looking at each other, like a show down
It is a fun show lasting as long as we allow. Lately Rosie will say….. Fish or I see you.