Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Rosie just had a fun filled weekend camping up in Sutton, Alaska. Luckily the weather was gorgeous and Rosie was able to spend much time outside in the sun with us.
Rosie loves to travel in the truck looking out the windows, mostly out the back window. Apparently she likes to see where we have been.
If we are pulling the trailer Rosie is delighted to say “camping” over and over. Once we get home I can hear the word camping in my sleep!
Rosie has her own set up in the trailer complete with a mini hanging perch for night time. Rosie seems to particularly love mealtime enjoying all the special camping foods that are prepared.


  1. Those photos are beautiful! She's such a smart birdy.

  2. Such a happy bird! I took my outside for a little bit, but we've had snow for the last couple of days so it itsn't parrot friendly weather.

  3. How did you get Rosie comfortable outside without you being afraid she might fly away?

  4. We started taking Rosie outside in the afternoon sun when she was very young. She loves being outside watching and listening to all.

    Rosie's wings are clipped, so flying away is not possible.

  5. My little girl would love to go outside,,she used to come to work with me in her cage,and loved it! her new cage is too big though, this is just amazing taking Rosie camping ;-)