Friday, November 27, 2009

Tips on Keeping our Feathered Friends Safe During the Holidays

The holidays are joyous and active times for people and their pets. Our feathered friends partake in many of the seasonal festivities with us which makes the holidays that much more special. However, many of the decorations and objects we have around the household during the holidays may be dangerous to our birds. By taking a few precautions, we can make this wonderful time of year a safe one for our pets.

Toxic Foods- Avocado Caffeine Chocolate
Dairy (in excessive amounts) Mushrooms (potentially toxic) Onions (in excessive amounts)
Rhubarb Salt (in excessive amounts) Sugar (in excessive amounts)

Food Preparation -. Birds have a very effective respiratory tract and coupled with their relatively small size are susceptible to toxic elements in the air. During cooking if food burns or smoke is produced, any birds nearby the kitchen could be at risk of fatal smoke inhalation, remove bird from area, offering fresh air. A vet visit may be in order.
Keep your bird out of the kitchen when oven and stove are on. The potential of the bird being burned, stepped on or spilled on are high risks.

Christmas Tree - Keep birds away from lights, electrical cords, ornaments and tensel.
The trunk of a live tree is often coated with chemicals, such as fertilizer or insecticide. When the tree is placed in the stand and watered, the chemicals from the trunk contaminate the water. If your bird drinks it, they may become sick.

Poisonous Plants
Many homes are decorated each year during the holiday season with poinsettias and mistletoe. These plants do represent the season; unfortunately they are toxic for our feathered friends.

Holiday Decorations/Packages
Many people place decorations throughout the house including lights, evergreen branches, holiday knickknacks and other assorted objects to provide a festive environment. Lit candles can burn a curious pet or could be knocked over and start a fire. Icicles and tinsel draped on a mantle are as dangerous as tinsel on a tree. Monitor your pets and watch out for any evidence of chewing on these objects.

Have a wonderful Holiday season with your feathered friends, I know we will with our African grey," Rosie Red Bottom."

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