Sunday, December 20, 2009

Rosie's Holiday Boo Boo

Rosie pretty much has the run of the house. Because we choose to keep her wings carefully clipped Rosie has many ways to get around. Ladders, poles, slides and big plastic pieces that hook together making a chain.
In this case this case Rosie decided to fly and clipped the top of a chair breaking the skin on her chest bone. It started out as a very small area that fortunately Rosie left alone. Rosie re-injured the area and I called the vet. It was suggested to keep her quiet and make a paste of cream of tarter and put on the wound area. Theory being, would dry up the wound and has a bitter taste so the bird would leave it alone. NOT ROSIE! Within fifteen min she plucked out every feather on and around the area that had cream of tarter on it. In the mean time re-injuring the area yet again.
I decided it was time for a vet visit. Rosie was tenderly examined. Her breast bone was all right but the wound area was squishy and raw. At one point the vet discussed stitching the wound, I almost passed out at the thought!
Rosie was put on an antibiotic once a day dose. It seems the medication makes her tired, so I give in the evening. This requires toweling her avoiding the injured area.
Today as the pictures show it was all scabbed over looking good.
Rosie got mad at me tonight after the toweling and ripped off some of the scab and there was some bleeding.
We will make it through this. I miss her singing, roaming and just being goofy Rosie.
I want to thank all my Facebook friends for their caring and advice!


  1. Ouchee! Bummer that these things happen. Last week I got my nails trimmed and one of them bled for a while. Another time, I tried to bite the vet and bit my own wing instead! Doh!

    I hope you leave the scab alone, Rosie. I can't hardly blame you, as it IS interesting. But you will feel a lot better if you just quietly watch it and eat your lunch instead. Feel better, my birdie friend!

  2. OWWW! Oh Rosie! I am sure it hurts but please be a good girl and take your medicine for mommy and leave your booboo alone so it can heal and you will once again be a beautiful birdie...sending tons of scritches!
    Von, Rocky and Bruno

  3. I hope this resolves itself really soon. It's so hard to see our birds dealing with injury or illness. Sometimes we feel so helpless. I'll keep my fingers crossed that she does not pick at the wound. Also, have you tried sulfadiazene cream on her wound. It's very soothing and helps with the discomfort.

  4. Poor Rosie :( I hope she gets better soon.
    *fingers crossed* Please keep us updated.

  5. Rosie, take your medicine and heal soon. This is no way to remember Christmas '09!

  6. Ouch!
    Poor Rosie!!
    I hope you feel better soon.. =(

  7. Awww...poor Rosie! Get well soon!!

  8. Awww. pOOR rOSIE....Sammi sends his love to you xxxxxx

  9. Hope Rosie and her feather-less flock get through this soon.

  10. We do not clip the feathers of our seven parrots, including two greys. Clipping feathers does not guarantee that the parrot will not fly. It only guarantees that the parrot will fly poorly. Please check out the website

  11. Oh no Rosy! It is good to hear you are mending and back to your "Rosie" self.

    To clip or not to clip will always remain a HUGE debate. I keep my Parrots fighted. But, thats MY chioce.

    This is not a thread to try and start a debate.

    As lovers of all critters. It is their health and well being foremost. Each owner does what they believe is the safest for heir environment. It is that love that joins us all at the hips in the community of caring critter owners.

    I always look forward to hearing of Rosie, so keep them coming!!!