Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Valentines Day Rosie Style

Rosie as usual loves helping with holiday activities. The kids were busy packing little Valentines bags for their big party at school. Rosie was insisting on being involved, crawling on the back of the chairs, and saying over and over. “Help”
Once Rosie was put on the table the fun and mayhem began! Rosie threw all the candy she could reach on the floor. Then the dogs would fight over whom was going to reach the candy first. Rosie ripped up the bags of candy, unrolled the ribbon and chewed up the list that contained all the students’ names.
We were all so busy laughing (including Rosie) before we knew it the table was a mess!!!!!!! We did manage to get all done correctly and Rosie had a ball. Happy Valentine’s Day you goofy parrot!

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