Thursday, April 22, 2010

New Family Member

New Family Member:

We have decided to bring another bird into our family flock. It was not without plenty of talking out the pros and cons. Percy is his name, a beautiful male cockatiel . He serenades us in the morning with a song and loves to talk also making the cutest kissing sounds.
We have made it through the first week without much trouble. Percy’s cage is next to Rosie's with a few feet between them. The first few days Rosie would sit as far away as possible from her cage hanging out in her tree stand. Rosie would not go in her cage for food instead badgering us for something. In the morning we could see her bring food up from her crop to eat. This went on for three days. Slowly Rosie started going in her cage to eat and will tolerate Percy sharing the tree stand. (this is monitored)
Rosie will now hang out at the very top of her trapeze rope eyeing over all from above! It has been very quiet around here. We shall see what the second week brings.
We are being careful, making Rosie feel like top bird and giving each separate play times.
I miss all the noise!
Percy has no fear. If he gets to close for Rosie's taste, Rosie will thump him in the head. Right now they are both napping on the arm of the couch a foot apart.

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  1. Its touch and go bringing in a second bird if your 1st bird has been the top dog. Sounds like you have it under control. It took a year for my Sun to take to the Gold Capped. He wanted nothing to do with her and wanted to do her harm. It was touch and go there but now they are best buddies. He has never bitten her but will beak her if he feels she is getting in his way. All has been smooth sailing for 10 years now.

    I wish you all the best bring in a new member into the flock, the noise will return soon. You will love having a new flock mate, it double the fun and joy.